Our Goal

Exit Condition is an information technology blog focused primarily on new cutting-edge technologies like Big Data, Data Science, Machine Learning and AI. The goal of Exit Condition is to build a consolidated rich repository of knowledge, research, ideas, how-to articles and tips & tricks on a vast variety of tools and technologies to help students, developers, architects and anyone who loves technology and are always eager to learn new things.

So what goes in here?

Although the primary focus would be on the aforementioned technologies the content here will often tap other areas of technology which is worth exploring. Any content which follows our basic criteria can be part of Exit Condition. The criterion is simple – anything that is either Useful, Insightful or just simply Fun!


If something is useful or of value to students and developers then it qualifies to be part of Exit Condition. From a simple article on Getting started with Python to How to install Hadoop on Windows are considered to be useful things at Exit Condition.


If something can give a new perspective to our audience then it qualifies to be part of Exit Condition. An article on how Machine Learning is changing the healthcare industry is an insightful content.


Anything that is fun and interesting to dwell upon. A list of ‘10 things I would do if I have the most powerful AI at my disposal‘ or an article on ‘When Artificial Intelligence becomes the Artificial Stupidity’ are fun things to read.

Stay Tuned!

So this is what Exit Condition is all about. We’ll keep enriching this page from time to time to give you a better idea of the Purpose and Philosophy of this blog. If you find our space useful and interesting then do subscribe to get regular updates. If this can be useful to your friends and colleagues then do share it with them. Thank you for stopping by. Happy Learning!